Gulliver’s first offshore substation installation

The Belgium based company SCALDIS reached an important milestone, the new build heavy lift vessel Gulliver successfully installed the substation of Belgium’s largest offshore wind farm Norther.

Thanks to everyone involved for their efforts during the past years to accomplish this impressive result.

The 370MW Norther Wind Farm is located off the Belgian coast, 23km from the port of Zeebruges. Its annual output is set to be 1.4bn KWh, which will be sufficient to supply 400,000 households with energy. The farm will include 44 MHI Vestas V164-8.4MW wind turbines. The new build heavy lift vessel Gulliver is possessing all key assets of Scaldis other heavy lift vessel Rambiz and is incorporate with following new developments that will extend the possibilities of the new crane ship. 

  • Upgraded workability
  • Increased lifting capacity and lifting height
  • Fully self-propelled DP2 Vessel
  • Skidding cranes to allow greater flexibility to deck spaces
  • Enlarged deck space
  • Helideck

Scaldis is a dynamic, innovative and customer-focused international offshore contractor specialized in marine heavy lifting works. The new build heavy lift vessel Gulliver will be operated by Scaldis for the installation of offshore infrastructures and decommissioning-deconstruction activities for the oil and gas industry as well as the installation of offshore wind farms. The ship will also perform other type of marine related heavy lifting work in challenging situations, such as the construction of bridge components and clearing subsea obstacles.

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