Kriegers Flak substations KFBE and KFA installed

Nearly 2 months after installing the gravity based foundations, Scaldis has installed the 2 offshore substations (KFBE and KFA) of the Kriegers Flak Wind Farm for Energinet.DK.

The KFBE substation was installed first and is the largest of the 2 substations. Its installation consisted of 2 separate lifts. First the KFB topside where after the KFE module was placed on top. The smaller KFA substation was installed shortly after, whereby all 3 lifts including allowance works were completed in only 2,5 days. Both installations were executed with HLV Rambiz.

The Kriegers Flak wind farm is located in the Danish sector of the Baltic Sea and will act as interconnector between the Danish and German power grid. This interconnector project is funded by the European Energy Programme for Recovery.

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